Our Holographic Future and Business Opportunities

Imagine a futuristic world in which holograms are ubiquitous, where artificial intelligence combined with augmented displays increases our productivity, efficiency, communication, and collaboration. As we’re all aware, this is not a technology of the future, but a technology that exists today! Just like computers disrupted virtually all industries, immersive computing and mixed reality devices are disrupting industries as we speak.

During this presentation, I’ll speak to various ways we can identify and extract value provided by mixed reality. I’ll talk about my experience as a mixed reality developer, provide insights into monetization opportunities, and open up a discussion about how to stay ahead of the biggest computing paradigm shift in our history. Whether you’re an independent freelancer looking for mixed reality gigs or a multi-national company seeking financial opportunities in mixed reality, this event will provide you with tools, resources, and actions you can implement right away!